Business astrology study case: Jetsgo failure

Why businessmen should know astrology? The answer it’s simple: to maximize gains and reduce losses.Not for getting rich by night or to discover some magical ways to make money. The astrology can assist you during your ‘decision making’ process and it can help you avoid bad starts of business.

Now let’s see an example of ‘when do not start a business’. It’s about Jetsgo company: “Jetsgo was a Canadian low-cost carrier based in Montreal, which served 19 destinations across Canada, 10 destinations in the United States, and 12 scheduled weekend-charter destinations in the Caribbean. Jetsgo abruptly ended service and entered bankruptcy protection on March 11, 2005, leaving thousands of passengers stranded, right at the beginning of the busy March-break travel season.”  Wikipedia

I’ve raised the chart for 12 June 2002 11:59am Montreal as a start of the company business. The chart can be viewed here:

First glance on the chart

Zero earth elements – no matter the business done the lack of earth elements is not a good thing. Having planets in earth signs your company will be able to put in practice its objectives and plans. The lack of this elemnents show us that the company business plan and approach is not a realistic one.

Lack of aspects in a chart – an aspect represents the opportunity of expressing the energies of two planets. More important are aspects to personal planets (sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn). The Jetsgo chart contains very few aspects. Actually only 3 important: Mercury square Uranus, Sun oppose Pluto and Uranus trine Sun. Probably you’ve noticed that I didn’t count the conjunctions. This happend because conjunction is not a dynamic aspect…more static one. Powerfull indeed but hard to express.

No trines – hmm…no trines = no strong points, no abilities, no talents. A company with no trines in a chart will find out that dealing with customers it’s a hard job and also will not be able to find good solutions to any raised problem.

Moon conj. Mars in Cancer: naturally the Moon in Cancer is strong but in our case the influence of Mars it’s not a very good one. Moon in a corporate chart outline the clients and conj. with Mars shows us that relationship between company and his customers is not a very easy one.

There also other elements that are leading to the same conclusion: 12th of June 2002 was a bad day to start a business.

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