Brazilian Sao Paolo Plane Crash – Astrological analysis

We all heard by now about the tragic accident occured at Sao Paolo on the date of 17th July 2007:

A TAM Airbus A.320 crashed and burst into flames after skidding off runway 35L and barreling across a busy highway at Sao Paulo. All 176 people on board were feared dead, and at least 15 were killed on the ground.” Source

The ideea of this post is to analyze the astrological events that might explain why the plane crashed. I’m particulary interested in analyzing such tragical events because I think that with a proper astrological analysis some of this accident can be avoided. Actually I’m working on a software that it will help me analyze the huge amount of data about the aviation accidents occured until now. But back to this analysis…

For a better overview of all the influences we will analyze transits and progressions of the moment of the accident over the natal chart of the TAM company and 1st flight of the plane.

Let’s start with the natal chart of the TAM company. The below chart was raised for 21st of February 1961 , the date when the TAM company was founded. I’ve used the moment when the Sun was conjunct with Midheaven – around 12:00pm on Sao Paolo.
TAM chart

Looking on the company chart we observe that the Moon placement is not very fortunate: square with Sun/Mercury/Chiron and with Uranus. The Moon is responsible with the employees and also with the company image. By extend we can consider Moon an indication of how the clients, the public is feeling secured using the company’s products and services. Also the Moon is conjunct with the powerfull start Algol – self distruction. Another interesting aspect is the Sun-Mercury retrograde conjunction (under 1 degree aspect): the Sun is ‘burning’ Mercury energies like movements, repairing, communications and travelling ( this accident was on an internal route). Also the Sun-Mercury-Chiron is oppose NN-Pluto conjunction creating a very powerfull and also dangerous energy for this company.
This tragical event is not the first and the only accident for this company: “On October 31, 1996, TAM Linhas Aéreas Flight 402 crashed shortly after take-off from Congonhas, striking an apartment building and several houses. All 90 passengers and 6 crew members on board died. Three people were killed on ground. The crash was attributed to a faulty thrust-reverser in the right engine deploying after take-off.” – Source Wikipedia

From my point of view the above opposition manifested already twice in the company history. And the Moon weak position is an indication of the high numbers of victims: 96 then and around 200 now.
Now lets’ analyze the transits over the natal chart of the company for both date 1996 and 2007. For this see below charts.

TAM transits for 2007 accidentTAM transits for 96 accident
For 1996 accident we have the following important transits:

  • Neptune transiting natal Saturn
  • Pluto squaring natal Sun/Mercury/Chiron and opposing natal Moon
  • Saturn squaring natal Mars
  • Uranus opposing natal Lilith (Black Moon)
  • Jupiter transiting natal 8th house and squaring natal Venus

For 2007 accident we have:

  • Saturn transiting natal Uranus and squaring natal Moon
  • Pluto opposing natal Mars
  • Jupiter square natal Sun/Mercury/Chiron and Pluto/NN
  • NN-NS axis inverted : NN conjunct natal NS and viceversa.
  • Mars oppose natal Neptune

As we can see in both cases there are some hard transits from ‘slow’ planets (Uranus, Pluto, Neptune). Also the natal Moon is in both cases affected by such a dificult transit.

Now let’s take a look at the progression for that moments – see below charts.

Progression for 2007Progression for 96
For 1996 we have Moon progressed over the NN-Pluto and oppose to natal Sun-Mercury-Chiron. On 2007 the Moon was progressed over the natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Also prog. Mars is on a very close square with natal Venus and prog. Sun.
Now let’s take a look on the plane’s chart – 13-February-1998 – see the below chart.

Progression for 2007
The first thing I’ve observed is the square between Mars and Pluto. This is an aspect found on the most accidents events or persons/objects involved on an accident. We also observe the Mars-Moon opposition ( the orb might be different because we don’t have the hour of the 1st flight) and Jupiter-Pluto square (amplifies the distructive effects of the Mars-Pluto square).

Now let’s take a look on the transits and progression from the moment of the accident: 17th of July 2007 – see below charts.

Plane transitsPlane chart
On transit I’ve noticed the followings:

  • Jupiter retro transiting natal Pluto ( 2nd transit)
  • Uranus retro transiting natal Mars ( same as previous – 2nd transit)
  • Pluto in transit is squaring natal Moon
  • Neptune close to natal Sun
  • Saturn oppose natal Sun-Mercury-Jupiter
  • NN axis inverted : North Node transiting South Node ( same as in the transits on company chart)
  • Mars square natal Uranus : danger of accidents

Regarding transits I’m very curios to find out what happend with this plane on the December 06- January 07 period when Jupiter was transiting Pluto for the first time. Also Uranus was close to Mars. I will google it …maybe I’ll be lucky.

About progressions we observe that there is a strong conjunction there Sun-Jupiter-Mercury at 4 degree Pisces (all by progression). Actually at 4th degree Pisces we have the natal Sun-Mars midpoint….quite suggestive influence. Also the prog. Moon was squaring natal Saturn while prog. Mars is opposing natal Moon. Actually if we changing the hour of the 1st flight this way that the natal Moon is on the 22nd degrees Virgo we will have some almost perfect aspects in progressions: prog. Moon over natal Venus and prog. Mars perfect opposition with natal Moon. Interesting…

Finally we will analyze the accident moment. See the chart below.

Plane Progressions
If my chart is correct ( 17th July 2007 6:45pm GMT-3hours Sao Paolo) the Moon was exactly on the 8th house cusp. I know that this event is occuring at every 28 days …but it’s an interesting ‘coincidence’. It’s also conjunct with South Node and square Jupiter. We also have Mars-Ceres square Saturn , Neptune and Chiron. As we can see there are a lot of powerfull and dangerous energies for that moment and place of time. We should notice that on those days the Lilith (Black Moon ) just moved to Scorpio – making a connection with the Ukraine toxic cloud.

I will end up here this analysis. My opinion is that we could build up a system that will follow all this sensible points in a company and plane chart we can avoid some of accidents. Also we need to be heard by this companies…

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2 comments on “Brazilian Sao Paolo Plane Crash – Astrological analysis”:

  1. It seems that you highlighting pluto , neptune , and uranus

    according to wiki .. the first TAM mishap was Feb 8 1979

    that is supposedly one day after pluto moved inside of neptunes orbit for the first time since both were ‘officially’ known

    This same timeframe .. Feb 9-12 seems to be the root of the Iranian revolution

    I had read some other work on Iran and its natal astrology .. having to do with Uranus and Aquarius I think ..

    I wonder if you could look at that 1979 accident for TAM ???

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