Moon square Ceres – need more time to adapt

Some years ago I start working with Ceres and integrated within the analysis done for my clients. Following this astrological link between Ceres and Moon helped me understand better some of the emotional patterns and behaviours.

Right now I would like to focus on Moon square Ceres within natal chart.

In my opinion (see previous articles) Ceres is related to external events which has a direct and strong impact on our inner balance and emotional status. In other words Ceres shows us what will directly hit our Moon.

Moon square Ceres is an indication of a higher need for emotional security and always show us that we need more time to accomodate to changes occuring in our life. No matter if these changes have a positive or negative impact, people with Ceres square Moon will feel on the beginning some fear and uncertinity about the new things. Usually thet realize on mental or logical level that everything is fine but emotional is not ready yet.

This emotional pattern is reflecting to all types of changes from the smallest one to bigger ones.

For example: when you go on holiday. Even that the hotel and the room is perfect a person with Moon-Ceres square will need 1 or 2 day to feel confortable and enjoy it.
If you talking about a more important change (job change, relationships) for sure the person will need more time to accomodate – it can be 1 week, 1 month or more.

My advice for persons with Moon square Ceres: be patient with yourself! Allow you time to accomodate and do not be stressed if in the beginning you are not feeling very confortable.


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One comment on “Moon square Ceres – need more time to adapt

  1. Thanks for posting about this! This “time to adapt” thing is already very evident in my 3 year old! I see it most when we meet new people, or go to a new place. She assesses everything, is cautious and reserved. She won’t talk to anyone, she doesn’t even want to be looked at…. but give it about a half hour…. and out of her little shell she comes, talking, laughing, exploring.
    I read on another site that this aspect correlates with the nurturing she recieves from her mother (myself)… that perhaps the nurturing I give to her doesn’t match up with the nurturing she needs. She has ceres in the 12th, conjunct her sag ascendant, square her virgo moon in the 9th. With her virgo moon, will she need more concrete, practical nurturing and what I give her is more playful and broad? Love!

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