Mars square Nodes: part of the cycle of integration

Mars retrograde in Virgo in 2011/2012 creates an interesting series of squares with the Nodes. At the first glance you would not say that this aspect has some major importance and the Venus-Jupiter visible conjunction is taking all the attention. But if we go deeper and analyze the Mars-Nodes cycle we are discovering that there is a strong and rare energy that is taking place right now.

Small quiz: do you know when it was the last square between Mars and Nodes and Mars was retrograde?

In 1965 and on the same sign , Virgo. And the previous one was in 1918.

The Mars – Nodes cycle (from NN to NN or SN to SN) is taking place once at 16 to 22 months. Nothing special about this cycle in terms of rarity and importance. But if we look on the moments when Mars is retrograde and hitting North or South node we see a totally different picture:
– Mars retrograde conjunct North Node : from 8 to 94 years from one conjunction to another!!! It means that there are periods of time when we have to wait 94 years from one Mars retro – NN conjunction.
– Mars retrograde conjunct South Node: from 9 to 102 years!!!
– Mars retrograde square Nodes: from 4 to 47 years!!!

All calculation where done with Configuration Hunter tool.

Here you can see a chart of all Mars retro- Nodes squares in last 1500 years.

Suddenly, we see that there are some astrological events that are taking place not so often as you might expect. For example , in Feb 1506 we had a Mars retro conjunct with SN which repeated after 102 years in 1608. During this time Uranus made a full cycle and Saturn 3 complete cycles.

Why I Mars retro in connection with Nodes is important?

First of all, it will create a 4 to 6 months period of time with 3 perfect aspects (conjunction or square). When a planet in retrograde motion is moving back and forward over the transited point creates a powerful energy.

Second of all, it’s important due to the planets symbolism. Mars is related to action and our ability to do things, to motivate ourselves. Nodes are related to our evolutionary path. For me South Nodes shows what energies are unbalanced and what we need to work out. North Node is not where you want to go but what you should do to balance South Node. It’s working based on polarities, Yin and Yang. North Node is not a destination. It is showing want we need to take with us during your journey and on what you should pay attention and focus our intention. South Node it will come in your life by default because it’s old patterns, things that you are used too.
Mars – Nodes cycle is important because is helping us to better integrate unbalanced energies within us. Mars is action and when it joins South or North Node we can take decisions or do things that are necessary for our evolution even that everything is taking place on a¬†subconscious level. You do things or things happen to you that you don’t understand and have a higher perspective. Usually are small things that acts as a trigger for later more important events. And we need to become aware of what we need to integrate and accept in our life.

Of course not all the cycles are important from personal point of view. We should look on that cycles where Mars conjunction SN or NN si overlapping to a planet or element in our chart.

Mars is moving from North Node to South Node with an average rate of 7 to 15 months. And the most important one are those where Mars in retrograde motions hits Nodes.

2011-2012 are years when Mars in retrograde makes a square with Nodes. As I said before we are talking about 3 perfect squares: 13th December 2011, 20th March 2012 and 30th April 2012.

The current sub-cycles started in July 2011 with a Mars – South Node conjunction. Around that date we took some decisions or made some assumption about areas in our life. Usually it can be quite difficult to relate to something in your life from that time. You should pay attention to what you promised to yourself or what you said you will do next. Review what changed inside of you, what were the new adopted ideas .

Starting with December 2011, the Mars square Nodes , create a energy wave that is bringing a lot of inner tensions and worries. Even that from logical perspective things are ok in our life we still somehow feel not happy and relaxed. Something is bothering us. A thought is coming very often in our minds : ‘I had enough! I cannot take it anymore!’. And it’s related to July-August 2011 moment. Now we have to re-validate what we’ve decided than and see if is still a valid choice for us.

First square – December 2011 – it was the sparkle and since than we are becoming more and more stressed. The second square will take place in March 2012 and you will be moment when you realize and accept that something is not ok with us. Our mood until now was not something temporary and there are deeper issues that need to be taking into consideration. Now we have to go back and find out what happend several months ago and is causing us this stress. The last square in April 2012 will be the moment when you will be able to take a decision and find out a solution to our problem.

The keyword for this squares is correction, adjustment and integration!

If you look on a global scale we see that this ‘desire’ for an war with Iran fits the Mars retro square Nodes period of time. This aspect creates a lot of tensions. If we analyze the situation from astrological point of view we can say that those who want the war with Iran are trying to find a way to express their frustration related to domestic unsolved problems. On smaller scale we all might have the same pattern and tendency. So try to identify what war do you want to start in your life. Go beyond this and see what is really bothering you. What you were not able to do in the past and is making you not happy.

I hope you find the above information useful and if you have any questions or remarks please use the comments option below.


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2 comments on “Mars square Nodes: part of the cycle of integration”:

  1. This is excellent to know and it is so in my life – the next stage of what was initiated in July 2011 is now happening. I like your inclusive way of approaching the nodes rather than an either / or – the south node is fate, the north node is destiny – I am glad to have this understanding that they are a rebalancing necessity of each other.

    Mars is retro in my 1st house and for many years I have tried to stop smoking – I would be fine for months and then some trigger would set me off. Well – suddenly – in a moment with one memory from when I was a few days old and I am liberated from this addiction. It was such an addiction for me that it is having a profound impact on all areas of my life.

    Thank you for these insights

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