Manchester United – the Munich air disaster 50 years ago – astrology point of view

“The Munich air disaster took place on 6 February 1958, when British European Airways Flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off from a slush-covered runway at the Munich-Riem airport in Munich, West Germany. On board the plane was the Manchester United football team, nicknamed the Busby Babes, along with a number of supporters and journalists. Twenty-three of the 44 passengers on board the aircraft died in the disaster.” Wikipedia

Today, 6th February, we are commemorating 50 years from the tragic event from Munchen where the most of the Manchester United players and staff lost their lifes. Let’s take a look on the astrological events that occured on that date and see what lessons we can learn.

First we will analyze the Manchester United team natal chart. The Manchester United team started to activate under this name on the 26th of April 1902. The time of the meeting is unknown. My opinion is that the a correct hour will be around 11:00am – meaning an Ascendant at 5:48 Leo. The chart is present below.

Manchester United chart
If you are taking a close look on that chart we can easily observe all the elements that might indicate such a tragedy. We have a lot of hard aspects (squares and oppositions) involving most of the planets and elements. Only Jupiter and Neptune are the only planets receiving only easy aspects. This might explain why the Manchester Team recovered fast and also was able to have great success. I will not insist on the team chart because things are clear here. Just to outline the Ascendant hard aspects with Sun-Mercury-Mars and NN-NN axis. The AS it might mean the team itselfs and its members – their physical presence.

Now let’s take a look on the MU progressions on the date of accident.

Progression for 1958
We observe that on that moment there were some strong influences and not very positive ones:
Black Moon (Lilith) progressed over natal Moon – I know that this is a long term influence but it was an perfect aspect and very strong ones. Lilith means tragic and Moon the public image and also the team players.
Midheaven progressed over natal Pluto : this aspect release the powerfull energy of the Pluto from the natal chart leading to a dramatic situation.
Sun progressed over natal Neptune : illusion, deception and despair. From my observation this aspects (Sun progressed over Neptune) is a moment ( 2-3 years) of confusions and a lot of ‘mysterious’ things happens.
Moon progressed moved to Capricorn (0:31 degrees) and opposed prog Sun-Neptune-Mercury. Also the Mars was transiting this position.
Mars progressed was opposed to natal Lilith: another hard aspect showing a possible accident or tragic event.

Let’s go to the transit charts and see what information can we find there:

Manchester United  transits chart
Uranus transiting natal Ascendant: sudden things happening to the team. Uranus also was retrograde and it was re-making some square aspects with natal Sun-Mercury-Mars-Midheaven
Saturn transiting natal Uranus : this aspect it’s trigger for the Uranus forces and forcing down the unexpected to happend.
NN-Neptune-Jupiter in transit over natala NN and oppose natal Sun-Mercury-Mars. We have the same Neptune making things unclear and hard to believe and accept.
There are also other important aspects that might indicate the 6th of February 1958 a difficult day for M.U. But for keeping this article easy to read we will skip them

Another important chart to analyze is the Solar Return for the april 57 – april 58 period of time.

Solar Return
Scorpio Ascendant with Neptune close to it but in 12th house: very powerfull year and with a lot of changes. And with find for the 3rd time Neptune in a strong position. It is important to notice that in the natal chart Neptune is the ruler of the 9th house : long distances and air travels , foreing countries.
Mars as a ruler of Scorpion is on the 8th house: accidents, accidents and againg risk of accidents.
– Moon is making hard aspects with Mars, Saturn and Point of Fortune it’s an indication that the team spirit it will very stressed during the entire year.
Saturn in 2nd house is also an indication of loss
– Ascendant making a square with Uranus and opposition with Sun : difficult aspect for the the team members ‘health’.


As we can see we’ve found a lot of aspects leading to the conclusion that the moment of the accident is a ‘sensible’ time for the team. I’m sure that it was hard for any astrologer to say that such an accident will happend (of course if he had all the players data’s…and time to make the analysis…the prediction could reach a higher level of precision). But he could have send signals that things are not ok and all unnecessary risks should be avoided. From what I’ve read they decided to take the plane ( don’t forget that we are in 1958 – the plane flights was not secure as today) from Manchester to Belgrad – where they played – for not losing a championship game. Also the pilot tried 3 times to take off on bad weather!!! The 3rd time was the tragic one..

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