Jupiter trine Pluto during July 2011 -March 2012 time period

Started in June 2011 , the Jupiter’s transit through Taurus will continue until June 2012. During this 1 year period Jupiter will make on single important aspect : the trine with Pluto in Capricorn. In this analysis we will take a close look on this aspect and it’s impact on personal and global level.

In my opinion,  Jupiter-trine- Pluto is interesting to analyze because it can be the framework for important changes on global politics and economy. Before going on the aspect analysis let’s spend some time looking on the full Jupiter-Pluto cycle.

Jupiter is related to expansion, development, law and legislation. Jupiter amplify everything it’s touching and getting in contact with. Pluto on the other hand is related to power and manifestation of this power. It’s directly linked with politics and finance. On personal level shows how we are using our inner powers in relationship with our surrounding environment.

What do you think that Jupiter-Pluto cycle will be?

On individual level it’s all about expansion of our power into the world. By power I mean : knowledge, talents, money, professional status etc. It’s all about our inner strengths used in relationship with other people and generates a better positions for us. It is also related with adjustments of power within our relationships. Who’s doing what and when.

Jupiter-Pluto might have a strong impact on our life philosophy. There can be events occurring in our lives that will force us (Pluto) to review our beliefs (Jupiter). And it will change our perception of the world.

On global level it can be related to the power-play within relationships – this time countries, corporations etc. It also generates opportunities for the second level parties (companies, political parties, countries) to become more powerful and demand a higher stake.

About Jupiter-Pluto cycle and how to use it in our charts I promise to write another article.

A complete Jupiter-Pluto cycle is around 12 1/2 years. The current one started on December 2007 with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 28th of Sagittarius degree. Below you can see the full cycle with major phases. Until April 2020 we are under this Sag Jupiter-Pluto cycle.

Full Jupiter-Pluto 2007 cycle

The current cycle is far more important because Jupiter-Pluto conjunction took place close to Galactic Center. So ..instead of 2012 think of 2020 as end of the cycle 🙂

What Jupiter-Pluto triggered on 2007?

Just one headline: It’s official: Recession since Dec. ’07

Also on February 10, 2007, Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States. 1 year later, on October 2008, he became the first African American to be elected president. What a perfect example of power change…perfect for Jupiter-Pluto pair.

As a note: Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Dec 2007 took place at 28 Sag. On the chart of Barack Obama you will find there the Part of Victory or Jupiter’s Part.

Currently we are experiencing the first trine between Jupiter and Pluto. There will be 3 exact trine aspects between those 2 planets: July 2011, Oct 2011 and March 2012.

In my opinion , this current trine is all about strategic planning. Since 2007 we started a new cycle of power expansion. New things developed and new issues were addressed. I don’t think I need to give examples related to Jupiter and Pluto type of events. Just look around 🙂

The first tine between Jupiter and Pluto is the time when a first review of what happen so far is done and the need for a strategic plan is becoming more and more important.

On personal level it’s the time to review our plans and see how our life changed since Dec 2007 and where we want to go. Jupiter in Taurus is about managing resources and finding the right motivation to do things. Pluto in Capricorn is about resources management. The trine is telling us that it’s time to plan ahead and find out what we really want and how we can achieve it. I’m not talking about small things but more about how can we show the world how great we are. Every person has something to offer to the world. We just need to find that things and use is as best as possible.

Pluto is a trans-personal planet. This means that it’s acting as a link between our inner world and our outer worlds. There is a bi-directional influence: we are impacting the world and the world changes us. There is a permanent dialog between us and the Universe – you can change Universe with whatever you believe in. The main idea is that the Universe is responding to our intentions and actions.

And if we look the Jupiter-trine-Pluto dance until March 2012 we will see exactly how the Universe works with us.

3rd phase of Jupiter-Pluto trine

The first exact aspect took place on 7th of July 2011 at 5:57 Taurus/Capricorn. This 1st phase is the one where we are showing our intentions to the Universe. It’s like the first draft of our future plans. Even that you don’t think it very clearly we are manifesting strong intentions and desires. This is Jupiter part. Pluto – the Universe – is retrograde. It’s like saying : ‘OK , I’m listening. Tell me what you want and what you need to do achieve your goals’. We have July, August and September to work on our plans and goals.

The second exact aspect will occur on 28th of October 2011 at 5:20 Taurus/Capricorn. Now Pluto’s direct and Jupiter retrograde. It’s time when we are receiving feedback. It’s time to review our initial goals and plans and see what we need to change. Now the Universe it’s responding. And you need to be careful because the feedback might or not like you! The Universe is not like your mommy. If you ask stupid questions you will get ‘stooping answers’. Counting the fact that Uranus is in Aries we might expect that many of our initial requests to suffer unexpected changes. Be open and be prepared to accept things that you don’t like! But if you accept it and integrate it into your plans you will see in time that it was the best option for you.

The last exact aspect will take place on 13th of March 2012 at 9:21 Taurus/Pluto. Now both planets are direct. It’s time to get an agreement of your initial statement and plans. Now you will get the final approval of your intentions. Only at this stage you will see more clearly what you really want to do and most important how you can get it!

What you have to do during this cycle?

Think, plan and manifest your intentions. But don’t get stuck on what you want and be flexible and accept the external feedback. Be receptive. You may start from one thing and in the end realize that you actually want something else. You will need courage to accept the change even that you promised something. By spring 2012 we all will be in better position and will understand better where we are and how to proceed next.

You should look on your natal chart and see the houses activated by Jupiter-Pluto trines. Also look on the 28th degree of Sagittarius and see if’s something important there.

If we are looking on the charts of those 3 trines we will notice some interesting facts:

a) 1st trine: Chiron is on the midpoint of Jupiter-Pluto. I see this as the need to heal something will trigger the planning activity and will make us think larger.

1st trine

b) 2nd trine: Sun oppose Jupiter and sextile Pluto. As I previously wrote now it is the feedback time. Sun opposition creates the right opportunities of us to receive the Universe answer. And it will be done through other persons – Sun.

1st trine

c) 3rd trine: Chiron again on the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint and Mars on trine with Jupiter/Pluto. Basically there is a Earth Pyramid configuration taking place. And Mars retrograde in Virgo is perfect for us to understand what we need to do on detailed level. Don’t you think so?

1st trine

I hope that the above analysis provide you with useful information about this Jupiter-Pluto trine. I’m planning to right a detailed analysis of the complete Jupiter-Pluto cycle and how to see it’s influences on both personal and global level.

If you have any comment and remarks please feel free to share it using the comments forms below.


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9 comments on “Jupiter trine Pluto during July 2011 -March 2012 time period”:

  1. Thank u Dan for sharing and once again I cant help to notice synchronicity: on 7th of july I had a meeting regarding some future prospects on how I am manifesting in socity, needles to say to Jupiter is on my 10th house and Pluto on my 6th. Thank you Dan!:)

  2. loved this post – was glad that someone could confirm what I was thinking in astrology terms.

    mine is happening in 4th and 8th.

    Looking for money to fund a big ideas, building secure base and business plans.

    exciting times!

    1. take more care…the 4th and 8th are having almost nothing with money but big dramas in your life to be cured…and your big ideas could be nothing more but you hard time useless tryings…

      anyway…all the best to you all, specially to you dan…i hope you dare to love us, the ones who are not big, but meaningfull to your quest…

  3. For me Jupiter is in 8 and soon it will conjunct Mars ! I hope all will be ok…Hope… and Pluto is in 4, opposing MC and conjunct IC…May I consider myself as a Phoenix ?? Please ? : )
    I feel already this transit is very tough for me…Maybe, transiting NN conjunct with my Moon, Jupiter and Juno, all opposing Mars in Gemini in 9 will bring me a sunshine ? ( Sorry , I was just joking !!! ) Thank you Dan ! This analysis is very helpful for my “Phoenix” novel ! ( joking again !:)) I shall borrow the optimism from the above comment ( may be hrae is right) . Thank you again ! Love all your analysis !

  4. The start of this cycle in December 2007 took place very close to my native Neptune in the 8th house and in quadrature to my natal Sun in Pisces, so I guess this cycle will play an important role in my life.
    Also, my natal Mercury is on the midpoint between Jupiter and Pluto during the first two of three trines we are experiencing currently and on the last one Jupiter will be in perfect opposition to my natal Jupiter, so these transits will impact me more directly than others.

  5. Imo this cycle is also certain to fully establish a new human species called the “Homo Couponus”, tying us deeper into materialistic values and the little joys of consumerism

  6. What a great article! Thank you for sharing such a deep, meaningful and clear explanation about what is going on with this transit. Also, thank you for your post about the Venus-Mars-Ceres activity in September. My birthday is September 10th, so this was especially helpful. I’ve sent links to your articles to a few of my friends. Your work is so insightful. Thank you again for sharing your gifts with all of us.

    Warm regards,

    Los Angeles, CA

  7. Many thanks for this!
    It seems rather significant as on my Natal Chart (10 Dec 64) Jupiter was in Taurus (R) and Mars was in Virgo as well. Its like revisiting old ground. Am I going over old ground then to fix something left undone in a previous life? That sure is what it feels like!

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