Jupiter – unique configuration on June 2011

During the June – July 2011 period , Jupiter will play an important role in the sky. First of all it will be the only planet on a Fixed sign on the 21st of June and 2nd of July. With Mars moving to Gemini, there will no other planet – except Moon – that will be placed on Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius signs.

I see this aspect like many people willing to see or do some changes on their lives. In the same they will realize the the only way that thing can be done is only through a realistic approach , focusing on detailed, precise objectives – Jupiter in Taurus. After a 2 years period when Jupiter created false expectations (in Pisces) followed by the desire to move on a new phase (in Aries) now it’s time to build to gain a more realistic vision ( in Taurus).

But Jupiter role is not stopping here. The interesting part is not that is the only planet on Fixed signs but is also getting full attentions.

The end of June 2011 is presenting a rare and interesting configuration. It’s about Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune placement on the beginning of 5 consecutive signs , from Pisces to Cancer. That equal spread of planets creates a strong energy and Jupiter being on the middle of them will receive it. It’s also interesting the planets are on their natural order – actually reversed if we count from Pisces to Cancer.

Below I’ve created a graphic display for the maximum moment of the configuration , 26th on June 2011 , 5:00am UAT.

Jupiter on June 2011


There are 2 triangles forming in the same time. First is Sun-Jupiter-Neptune with a trine between Sun-Neptune and Jupiter making sextile aspect to both of them. Jupiter in this case is receiving the positive energy of Sun-Neptune: vision, intuition, desire to heal, request for a vision etc.  The second triangle is between Mars- Jupiter – Uranus with a sextile between Mars and Uranus. Jupiter is on the Mars-Uranus midpoint and receives the energy of that sextile. Now we are talking about Jupiter getting a different energy: the desire to do something, to change, to discuss, to bring new thing in your life etc.

Adding all together we can say that the week around 26th of June represents an important opportunity to do an important change in your life. But the change is not to actually do something but to think more on what you really want and how you can achieve it. These types of configurations are unique and I like to call them ‘magic configurations’. If you will do nothing you will get nothing. But if you use your intention to access this energy you will be able to do a swift in your life.

Also Jupiter is acting in 2 ways: as collector and as distributor. As collector it’s blending the other 4 planets energies and creating something new and unique. As distributor push this new energy on the opposite point , meaning 4 degrees Scorpio.  The beginning of Scorpio sign will be under heavy artillery around 26th of June. A lot of things can happen with people having planets around 4th degree of Scorpio. But most important is to realize that this configuration is an opportunity to move forward and take decisions.

Using Configuration Hunter aspects tool we can see how often this configurations will take place. The exact placement of these planets is unique and we need to see how often part of it were formed in the past.
If we look on the Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune position – 30 degree apart and Jupiter-Neptune trine we can see that in history we had the following years: 2011/2012, 1666, 1636, 1321, 1125  – searched interval 5th of June 0558 to 26th August 2091 with 2 degrees orb.

If we add Mars to be 30 degree from Jupiter and 60 degrees from Uranus we will get no dates on the searched interval. This means that we will have a unique configuration on June 2011.

I would love to here your feedback and what was the impact of this configuration on your life. Or how did you use it.


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12 comments on “Jupiter – unique configuration on June 2011”:

  1. Thanks for this. I have Uranus at 4 degrees Cancer and Mercury at 4 degrees Scorpio.I note that Jupiter Moon is also making a trine to Pluto. Today i have been laid low with a bad back- time to stop sitting in front of computer all day long and move my body was advise from chiropracter! Dancing is now in the diary for Monday 27th. Pam

  2. hello Dan,..the 26 of June is my 62 birthday, and I’m anxious to see what happens for my new year, AND on that day….Thank U so much for alerting me I really appreciate it.
    Truely, Glenna

  3. I have had a longstanding health problem which has greatly interfered with my life. I am having two distant energy healings from a very interesting and powerful healer I have researched and been in touch with, one on the 23 rd, and the other on the 29 th of June. I am excited and wondering what to expect.

  4. This is not a direct hit to my chart, so it may not be that relevant but here it is. (T) Jupiter is in my 8th house, (T) Sun is in my 10th house, (T) Uranus is in my 7th house and (T) Neptune is in my 6th house. I have no natal planets at 4 degrees.

    I will be attending an Educational Conference from the 24th-27th of June. (The first conference I have attended in about four years – so it isn’t that common.) I have recently changed careers – from a long time career in banking to education. This will be my first conference since starting my new career. Many new doors and ideas should open up to me, as a result of this conference. 4 degrees of Scorpio is my second house, so it probably means a new source of income for me.

    I hope this helps.

    Carolyn Anderson

  5. Your analysis and interpretation were helpful tonight as I counseled my niece who is dealing with a touchy situation regarding an ex-boyfriend. In addition, to my giving advice to stay alert and avoid contact with him, I shared your recommendation to use this opportunity to set her intention and bring about strong change in her life. She has Pluto at 0 degrees Scorpio and Saturn at 12 Scorpio. I was glad to find your good insights. Thanks.

    1. Jupiter it would be seating on my natal Mars on 10 th house , Sun will also be conjunct my natal Saturn, no planets at 4 Scoprio. I felt for some time that my creativitie needs a new structure in order for me to better fulfil my social role.For 27th I haved planned, 2 weeks ago, long before reading about this inportant portal to change, a shaminc session, to help me regain my clarity about my creative path. I love sinchronicity!

  6. My life has stopped . ive hit a plateau. everything is just not moving . too many delays , and delay. And a lot negativity around.

  7. 4 degrees of Taurus is my Sun/Moon midpoint. Noel Tyl considers that a very important relationship point. It is in my 6th house, but Taurus is my DC. I also have Saturn at 6 deg of Pisces in 4. Today, it finally became obvious that my significant other (with whom I live) is an alcoholic. How’s that for serious change?

  8. Wow…so much is going on…interaction with quite newly, for sure, karmic cotravelers that recently entered my life with instant connecting that is kicking my spirit to insights….can’t resist just flow with the force…changing my wiew on my self and my life.

    I have 12th house sun 8 degress in scorpio, conjunct neptune and AC and at this celestial setting many strong transits like T pallas conjunct N mercury, T lilith conjunct N saturn, T north node conjunct N moon, T moon opposite N sun…feels like I am updating my femininity to be more me in more areas in my life. Enjoying it! 🙂

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