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This post is intended to be the beginning of a series dedicated to practical approach of astrology in real life. I named this serial “Astrology in real life” and I will analyze different areas of life where astrology can help.

I will start with the teachers…. How astrology can really help a teacher?

In my opinion there are two direction to focus on:
a) sizing the best moments for class activities
b) improve communication with students (all degree levels)

a) Sizing the best moments for class activities

Astrology and not only is based on cycles. From the moment of birth until the end we are under the influence of a lot of planetary cycles. And choosing the best moment for a specific activity is always a good thing to do. A teacher can use astrology for finding the best moment to: presenting a new concept or theme to the students, planning exams and tests, starting group activities and/or specific projects. He can also determine the daily influences based on his natal chart for knowing the moments when it might become nervous or very stressed.

An interesting cycle to follow by a teacher is the Mercury cycle. Especially the retrograde period where all is well known that communication and all intelectual activities are not on high levels. He can act as a conscient guide helping students improving their performances. Also Jupiter cycle is important for all higher studies and all kinds of researches and cultural exchanges.
b) Improve communication with students

Also here the teacher can find in astrology a perfect tool for improving his relationship with students. Starting with basic astrology elements like Water, Air, Fire and Earth he can chart the entire class of students. If he can find the birthdates of his students he can size the strong and weak points of each one and also how compatible is with them. This way he will know exactly how to deal of each of his students and how he can better guide them.

Also he can see what students have abilities for his teaching subject. There are persons wich are very good on math and other on literature. This way a teacher can know from the beginning what knowldge is the student able to learn. For example a math teacher can find out which of his students are having abilities for math and which one of them are artists. And if 90% of his students are artists he should adapt his teaching methods to them.

Also each person is learning in his way and each person has a different type of intelligence. Astrology can really help understand students better and guide them for fulfilling their potential!

I hope you enjoyed this short post and if you are a teacher take my advice: start using astrology in your work!

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5 comments on “Astrology for teachers”:

  1. Yes – I love practical applications, and if I may add another idea…Educating teachers on the significance and challenges of having Mercury retrograde in one’s natal chart!

  2. Just a thought from a teacher: the year is hectic. There are thousands of lessons to teach and 181 days to fit them in- minus snow days, assemblies, fire and tornado drills, bomb threats… etc.

    One races through the week barely able to catch one’s breath. To plan my lessons to mercury in my chart could have me not speaking to students a day or two a week!! I can’t teach like that.

    Researching kids’ data- interesting concept but… getting birth info is invasion of privacy, bordering on unprofessional conduct if I ask and tell them why. Furthermore… charting 150 kids… a bit problematic.

    More interesting: find me a way to get birth data on administrators and school board members. Also- electional charts on school levys to see how they will go…

  3. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your input!
    I know that a teacher life is not a easy one. But astrology can help you in your daily tasks. You should not avoid teaching in the Mercury retro periods but only to pay attention to the message and to be aware that some students have difficulties understanding you.

    Regarding kids’ data…I know that in Romania where I live the birthdate of each child is made public for the teachers. You dont need full detailes like hour and place.
    And charting 150 kids it’s a huge task, I know. And it’s not effiecient to do this analysis unless you can use a certain software to do all the computings.

    About your suggestions: I think that is an excellent ideea. And also to find how related are you as a techer to the school where you are working.


  4. Hi Dan,
    This is a great idea! This would be especially helpful to work with children with whom you are having trouble understanding or you are having difficulty finding ways to “connect”. We usually get along better with people who are like us…..knowing the students’ sun signs as opposed to yours and other students ……would shed some light on actions and learning interests. We would then be able to tailor our methods/discussions in the way that would create the best learning situtation for challenged students.

    As for administrators –
    If we would pay attention to “birthday parties” at work…..and deliberately think of that person and the strengths and weaknesses of their sun sign type – it can help us with interpersonal relationships.

    Although it is difficult finding out time and place of birth – much can be done thinking about sun signs – and their elements.

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