Astrology for Project Managers

After drivers, lawyers and teachers now let’s discuss a little bit about astrology for Project Managers. This is a subject that I’m quite comfortable with because I’m been a Project Manager for several years. And I’ve been applied astrology in my daily tasks with success.

As the title is saying a Project Manager is a person appointed to start and successfully finish a  project. This means that basically you  have a start point and an end point and some tasks to accomplish. This is very important because this way you can have a chart of the project and you can extract important information about the future evolution of the entire activities.

One of the most important tasks of the Project Manager is to plan things ,  set up goals and deadlines. Here astrology can really help you.  You know that the project has a start date (mostly  when you are appointed as PM the project already started 🙂 )  and a desired end date.  You  should look up for the important astrological events that are occuring in these period of time  and see the potential impact on your project.

First of all look up to retrograde periods for Mercury, Venus, Mars , Jupiter and Saturn.  And  you should remember that a retrograde  period is like a mirror affecting events occured on the first direct transit of the planet. For example if I have Jupiter  retrograde in Sagittarius from 18 degrees to 8 degree I should  look up also to the period of time where Jupiter was moving from 8 degrees to 18 degrees Sag. Plus the period of  time when Jupiter it will transit for the 3rd time the above  8-18  degrees interval. This  analysis it will tell you that each actions  or task taken in the period of the 1st direct transit it will be re-done or re-analyzed  on the retro period.  You should pay attention to things that you want to do  on that period of time.  For example: if you have to sign a contract with a supplier and you are not able to  get a  better offer  from him  my advice is to make the deal.  And this is because you will be able to re-negociate it in the following period of time.  Also pay attention to the moment s when planets are stationary.

Secondly you may look up for important transits that may occur in the project chart. Of course this is done after you analyzed the project chart by itself and you know what are the strong and weak points. Actually you can very easily do a SWOT chart of the project like presented here.  The transit analysis should point out the important moment of the projects. I prefer to called it ‘stress moments’.

Based on the project duration you should use solar chart return and lunar returns.  For multi-annual projects a Solar Chart it will provide you with information about the each year of the project evolution. You should be able to have a good overview of what it will happend in that year from various points of view: financial, planning, resource, project owners, clients etc. A lunar return chart (28 days cycle of the Moon – the Moon return to natal position) it will gave you a 28 days overview of the project and it will outline for you the most important events that might occur in you project.

Another excellent use of astrology for a project manager is on the human resources side. And here I’m talking about evaluating the people working on this project and see how you are connecting with them. Also you can see how they are working together. Here you should include the analysis of your relationship with the project owner’s and/or clients.  You will be amazed about the results and information obtained by this analysis.

There are many other uses of astrology in a project manager life.  And the above examples are applying to all persons involved in planning and managing activities and not only to PM’s. Try to use it and see the results….you will be amazed and your activity it will improve.


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2 comments on “Astrology for Project Managers”:

  1. Dan,

    Excellent analysis , this is the first time i have found a PM astro analysiis.
    I am a aspiring PM.
    I would like to take your advice.

    Thank you,

  2. Seems like you are not working on a very progressive and demanding project as you seem to have a lot of time to draw correlations to your already known processes. There is one deciding factor on a project that will succeed or fail and that is a great PM who pushes deadlines, demands attention and quality and properly follows trends and drivers.
    Focus on the deliverable and you will never fail.

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