Astrology for lawyers

How can astrology help a lawyer in his daily activities?

In my opinion a lawyer by the nature of his job is a person who can really find astrology very helpful. He will be able to have a better look of the cases on which his is involved in and also it can help him improve communication with his clients. He should focus on the following directions:

a) Sizing the best moments for starting an action, either that is about a trial, a hearing or just some paper work to do.

Most important here is to use the Electional Astrology rules for finding best moments to start doing something. And most important are the Mercury and Jupiter cycles – esp. retrograde periods. Paying attention to this elements he will be able to improve his performance and also to use his energy and time high efficiency.

Also a lawyer can use astrology for gathering information about the upcoming trials or hearings when he cannot choose the date and time. We know that each action, each event is a manifestation of energy and it can be described using the chart of that moment. Doing this anyone can have a preview of the climate of the event and he can adapt his action to it.

b) Chart synastry – knowing your client and knowing how you can help him better.

I think that each lawyer knows the birthdate of his clients – not necessary the hour but only the date. Using his birthfate any lawyer should be able to have an brief overview of his client personality in order to better communicate and defending him. It also very useful to make the synastry of theri charts in order to see if the lawyer is able to help him and if they are compatible. If between him and his client there are some hard aspects indicating some possbile conflicts or incompatibilities it will be better for both of them to do not work together. This analysis it may be applied by all of us in relationship with our lawyer or other services providers.

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2 comments on “Astrology for lawyers”:

  1. I have an up-coming Court Trial on April 23rd…how do I found out more info. about my astrological sign and my lawyer’s sign….in regards to that day???

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I don’t think that you will find somewhere the required information. You will need an astrologer to look up over your chart to see how will you do on the trial day.

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