Astrology for drivers

In this article I will discuss about astrology role and importance for professional drivers. I’m including here all persons which are making a living by driving a car: bus, truck, taxi drivers etc.

Here the astrology can really make a difference and it can help that person by reducing the risk of accidents and other traffic problems. As we are used on this series I will analyze the various astrological analysis directions to be followed:

a) Natal chart analysis

This is the first step that a driver or an astrologer doing a chart for a driver should do. He/she must look for hard aspects between Mercury,Mars and Uranus. If there are any it will mean that the risk of accidents is much more higher and he should be more carefull. Next we will analyze the Sun, Ascendant , 3rd,6th,8th and 12th housese for gather additional info about how this accident will occur and if it will have a strong impact on the driver health. Of course we will not limit the analysis only to this elements.

b) Solar return chart analysis and major transits and progressions.
This analysis it will be done for view the years when the driver is prone to accidents or medical problems. It’s a medium term analysis which will allow us to see the most dangerous years and to gather information about the nature of the problems. Using transits and progressions you can establish more precise moments when this incidents may occur. Transits to Mercury,Mars and Uranus will indicate that the driver is more prone to make mistakes an to be more nervous. You can add also Mercury and Mars returns for additional information.
c) Lunar return and rapid transits

Using these type of analysis you can see month-by-month how the driver will tend to act and respond on short term. You will be able to guide him to avoid dangerous periods of time and become more aware about the existing risks.

Based on this analysis a driver should be able to avoid the major part of the accidents and problems that may occur in their daily activities. He shold know when it will be indicated to avoid driving and take a short holiday or when he should be more cautious to the road.

For drivers which are making long trips it is very usefull to analyze the chart of that trip. A chart for the moment when he should be start the trip is raised and see what are the strong and weak points of that moment. Using electional astrology he can chose the right moment for making a trip.

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  1. What are “fixed” just because everything in the universe is movement? In fact, it is an abuse of language that corresponds to the idea that in relation to the parameters used by classical astrology, the movements of planets and asteroids, the Sun and Moon and cutting in astrological houses, the stars , outside the solar system, seem almost motionless.

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