Ceres and oil spills – short analysis

From time to time, I like playing with various lists and statistics and try to get some astrological connections. Because the oil spill is a top subject this period of time I decided to take a look on this subject and to see if there is any astrological correlation. From the beginning my ideea is to see if Ceres is somehow involved – it is well known that Ceres and ecology are quite strong connected.

My starting point was the following article on Wikipedia containing a list of Oil spills of over 100,000 tons or 30 million US gallons, ordered by tons .

I’ve used 16 charts of oil spills accidents and tried to see if a Ceres patterns is occuring.

The result is that from all 16 events on 12 – meaning 75% – Ceres was in a Cardinal sign : Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. From statistical point of view I think it’s quite relevant .

Ceres cycle is around 4.6 years and in cardinal signs on average is spending 1/3 of it’s time. This means that 1/3 of the Ceres cycle time is directly linked with 75% of top oil spills. Also Top 8 oil spills are with cardinal Ceres.

Below you can see a summary table of the Ceres position in sign and cardinality.

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Ceres-cardinality Ceres-sign Total
Cardinal Aries 4
Cancer 1
Capricorn 4
Libra 3
Cardinal Total 12
Mutable Gemini 1
Pisces 1
Mutable Total 2
Fixed Aquarius 1
Scorpio 1
Fixed Total 2
Grand Total 16
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