My first artwork – astrology chart

My Solar Return

How can you express your natal Moon in 5th house combined with a Venus in Capricorn? I’m not an artist…I’m too technical. But I cannot deny my desire for artworks and I finally managed to finish something. It’s a artwork – at least I hope so – regarding an astrological chart made in Photoshop.

I hope you like it!

My Solar ReturnI’ve tried to keep it simple but in the same time interesting. The first text is the Sabian Symbol for my SR Ascendant in 2008.

The image is hosted on Flickr and you can find it here



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2 comments on “My first artwork – astrology chart”:

  1. Hi Dan

    This is beautiful! Congratulations and please continue!
    It’s just that this image is so fiery, that I fear the Moon in Capricorn has little to do with it. There must be some other astrological element to blame.


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