3 tragic events reflected on Aries Ingress for 2013

Starting with this year Aries Ingress, Sun entering Aries sign on 20th of March we’ve witnessed some powerful, unexpected and tragic events taking place around the world.

This year, as the Ingress chart shows, is a very dangerous period of time and until March 2014 we can still expect unexpected high impact events. This danger comes from the Sun/Mars/Uranus on Aries square Moon in Cancer plus Pluto in Capricorn adding extra power. From my experience Moon and Mars connected means danger, violence and accidents.

For this article I’ve selected 3 main events related to this Moon-Mars conflictual aspect: Boston Marathon Bombings , Bangladesh building collapse  and Santiago de Compostella train accident . Please read more info about this events before getting into this article.

My goal for this analysis is to see the connections between these event charts and the Aries Ingress charts for those locations.

Looking only to the event chart is good to do retrospective astrology. But this is not a good way to evaluate future events. The Aries Ingress chart for place of the event is a good method to evaluate the risk of accidents, as in our cases.

I will present all 3 cases with things I’ve noticed and in the end we will try to get some conclusions.

We will start with recent train accident from Spain. Below you can see the Aries Ingress chart for Santiago de Compostella:


Related to this event we have the following astrological aspects:

  • Neptune on Midheaven : disappointment and disillusion. Outer planets on angles usually brings events with huge impact on public opinion.
  • AS in Gemini and Mercury, the ruler close, to Neptune . The ruler of AS represents the people of that area. Being conjunct with Neptune and also square with Jupiter shows that there will be events that will be hard to understand and with a lot of grief and pain.
  • Ceres on Rising: pain of losing something. About Ceres I’ve written before on this blog and I always said that is linked with tragic events shaking the emotional collective.

I’m focusing on AS and MC because these placements are particular to the place we are talking about. The aspects between planets are the same for the entire globe.

Now, let’s take a look at the overlapped chart between Aries Ingress and the moment of accident:


The reason why we do this analysis is to see why this event took place at this moment and how you can see it on the Aries Ingress chart.

If you take a look on this chart we see that:

  • Mars/Jupiter/Lilith where exactly on the Moon : it’s a key trigger of the event.  This is telling us that something will happen around this time.
  • Venus opposing Moon/Neptune is coming over IC/MC axis: this aspect shows us that this event will take place around this region. Why? Because MC/IC axis from Ingress chart is related to location.

Now let’s move on the next event – Bangladesh building collapse – Aries Ingress chart:


Looking on this chart we can see the following things related to our event:

  • AS in Virgo and Mercury again the ruler of the peoples from that area. Mercury is square Jupiter and close to Neptune. Jupiter is also ruler of 4th house – buildings. This means that there is a conflict between ruler of AS and ruler of 4th house. Some will notice that Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual reception. But from my point of view has no meaning to our case because we are interested in Mercury as a ruler of Virgo and not Gemini.
  • Moon in 10th house and heavily affected by Mars/Uranus/Sun in Aries shows the bed publicity that Bangladesh got from this event.

What I’m interested is to see the transits over Ingress chart for the moment of event:


Things that we can see from this chart:

  • Ceres over the Moon -> a clear indication of accident and losses. Ceres is making a complete tour of the zodiac in 4.6 years. This means that on transit over an ingress chart is making only 1/4 of the whole circle. The chances that will cross the Moon in one year are not so high.
  • Venus oppose Saturn : these 2 aspects are an indication that around this time a tragic event will take place somewhere
  • Jupiter over MC shows us that Bangladesh might be the place where this event will take place. Jupiter is the ruler of 4th house in Ingress chart and now in transit is on Exile (Gemini) and making opposition to his placement.

Now we will move to the last event: Boston Marathon Bombings. Here is the Ingress chart:


On this chart we will notice the following things:

  • Sun/Mars/Uranus over the Ascendant : comments are unnecessary. It’s a clear message that something will get nasty in this area.
  • Mercury/Neptune in 12th house : the secret plotting and planning
  • Pluto on 10th and sextile with Saturn the ruler of MC might show the strong reaction of the local authorities and closing the entire city for a manhunt.

Now let’s take a look on the transits over Ingress chart for the bombing day:


And we have the following things:

  • Mercury transiting Sun/Mars/Ascendant
  • Sun/Mars over Pallas Athena : strategy and defensive/domestic war
  • Lillith/Moon over Ceres
  • Ceres over IC  and close to Moon: this is a indication of the time and the place of the event.

On this 3 cases I’ve pointed out only the obvious aspects related to our subject. For sure there are also many others. I’ve tried to keep it short because my intention was to pinpoint some things and let you do your own research.

Looking on these 3 events I’ve noticed an interesting influence: Mars/Pluto midpoint being active.

On the Ingress chart the Mars/Pluto midpoint is on 23 Aquarius. I find this position irrelevant. What is interesting is the Mars/Pluto MP on the events chart and it’s overlapping position to the Ingress chart.

For Santiago, Mars/Pluto is at 8 Aries -> conjunct with Mars/Uranus from Ingress chart.

For Bangladesh the Mars/Pluto midpoint is at 7 Pisces conjunct with Mercury and Chiron from Ingress chart.

For Boston the Mars/Pluto midpoint is at 4 Pisces conjunct Neptune and Mercury from Ingress chart.

As we can see the Mars/Pluto midpoint acted as a trigger for those events. We need to see this midpoint as moving point and should use a wider orb : 2-3 degrees aplicant. We all know what type of energy Mars and Pluto are releasing together. It’s all about destruction and death.

In conclusion:

  • transits to Ingress chart can be really useful to determine WHEN and WHERE things will occur on that year
  • Ceres is quite present on tragic events where lives are lost.
  • midpoint Mars/Pluto is also active in case of big impact accidents

Looking on the future transit on Aries Ingress chart, I’ve noticed the following sensible periods:

  • 13-21 August: Lilith – Black Moon – crossing Moon and North Node over Saturn
  • End of October: Mars oppose Neptune/Mercury, Mercury crossing North Node, Ceres oppose Venus
  • End of December – start of Jan 2014:  Sun/Mercury over Pluto, Mars square Moon/Pluto

I hope you found this info useful and any comments/suggestions are welcome.


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