A trio for healing: Venus-Mars-Ceres in September 2011

“The choice between love and fear is made every moment in our hearts and minds. That is where the peace process begins. Without peace within, peace in the world is an empty wish. Like love, peace is extended. It cannot be brought from the world to the heart. It must be brought from each heart to another, and thus to all mankind.” Paul Ferrini

Paul Ferrini’s  words are best describing the interesting planetary configurations that will form on 10th of September 2011. I’m talking about the Venus oppose Ceres and Mars in sextile/trine aspect.

From technical point of view we have: Venus at 24 degrees Virgo opposing Ceres retrograde at 24 Pisces and Mars at 24 Cancer. The maximum configuration will take place on 10th of Sept around 21:30 GMT time when Venus will be perfectly oppose to Ceres.

Chart of configuration

Every time I found an interesting configuration I try to see how often is happening in time. For my surprise this type of combination with 0 degree tolerance (orb) is quite rare. Using Configuration Hunter I’ve noticed that in last 200 years it happened only twice: on Sept 1970 and now in Sept 2011. And will never repeat on the next 80 years. If we increase the orb to 1 degree we will find another 3 dates with this configuration: Nov 1989, Jan 1926 and in future jun 2024 and Sept 2090. So.. we are dealing with a rare configuration.

But what is all about this configuration?

First of all we are dealing with Ceres retrograde in Pisces. One of the things that Ceres point out on a chart is where are are feeling sensible and where we seek nurturing. By house in transit you can see the nature of things that you are more worried about on that time. One evident trace of Ceres in Pisces is our worry about the financial system. We know the Pisces is linked with big finances. It also requires a need to protect for all the secrecy and hidden things. We are worried that someone has a secret agenda. It’s also about healing emotional traumas and old wounds in our soul.

Ceres entered into Pisces at Equinox time – 21st of March after a conjunction with Neptune at 29 degree Aquarius.  On 11th of July entered Aries and returned to Pisces on 9th of August on retrograde movement. It will go retrograde until 7th of November – 16 Pisces – and will leave Pisces on 19th of Jan 2012.

Now let’s take a look on Venus making the opposition to Ceres from 24 degree Virgo.

Venus represents our feelings and Ceres our worries. The opposition simply states that we will face a situation where either our feeling might get hurt either we will do something to hurt someone else feelings. I think that we’ll be on both situations.  This clash between Venus and Ceres outline a good moment to heal some wounds. As Paolo Ferrini states you can chose between love (Venus) and fear (Ceres). It’s our  choice…

Mars is taking part on this battle doing a trine to Ceres and a sextile to Venus. Mars is in Cancer , the sign of our emotions and sense of security. Mars is acting as a negotiator because he is able to pull out some strong feelings and not allowing the mind to take control. The emotional push provided by Mars it will make us aware about what’s really happening. It will make us aware that this time you will not just move on and stack everything under the carpet.

But this configuration like many others are options for as. It’s just a time frame where the energy around is perfect to do something. If you are not doing it nothing happens. Maybe just a little buzz. But if you are aware about this opportunity you will have the chance to heal some of your wounds through your relationship.

And most interesting part is what happened just before this configurations. On 8th of September we will have an opposition between Mercury and Neptune at 29th degrees in Leo. This is the time when wrong words will be said and wrong things will be done. Mercury-Neptune is an invitation for our configuration. Mistakes will occur and situations will be created for you to fix some problems.  On a higher level of awareness you can use this opposition to receive guidance and inspiration about Venus-Mars-Ceres configuration and how it’s reflecting on your chart and life.

Now back to our configuration…

Venus will be on the Mercury/Saturn midpoint.  First Mercury will hit the bomb and now will help us understand the real things happening behind the scene. Venus will collect the Mercury/Saturn energy and we will be able to validate our feelings and to better express what’s on our mind.

Mars will be on the Mercury/South Node midpoint: thoughts we are not afraid of will come out and eliberate us.

Early on Ceres on Pisces we’ve outlined current global worries concerning the financial issues. Looking on the Sabian Symbols we see interesting images:

Venus – ‘A large glorious public building is seen set in a spacious part; before it a flag moves with the breezes at half-mast. ‘

Mars – ‘A leader of men erect and fearless suddenly finds thrown across his right shoulder an invisible mantle of power.’

Ceres – ‘ Ecclesiastical reform of drastic nature is in progress and a purged and purified priestcraft opens a new ministry’

Looking on the US chart  – 4th July 1776 – we’ve found Mercury at 24 degrees Cancer. It measn that Mars is just on top of it.  At 22 Virgo with have Neptune- Venus on top of it.  Perhaps this week some things will move on regarding the whole financial status.

Also it’s close to 11th of Sept date…a time to heal.

I hope I’ve got your interest for this week 🙂


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One comment on “A trio for healing: Venus-Mars-Ceres in September 2011

  1. still having affects from that configuration. probably this trio is the cause though i can’t analyze exactly how. all i know is that some allegedly minor incidents and interactions that took place back then are still driving me and 3 other people. the fact that nothing had happened or there was no climax doesn’t change the fact that each of us wanted something to happen, it was such a necessity for every one of us but it just didnt work out, as if it was too immediate energy and too much to go through, then none of us had the opportunity to actually make something happen. and some leftovers now seem to be complications or ongoing affects of that transit – we are still trying to make up for the lost opportunity. all of us. it became some kind of healing obsession, if there is such a thing.

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