6th house considerations

We all know the meaning of the 6th house in astrology and it’s importance for health/disease and work/labor. I don’t want to rewrite this things but to add a new perspective on the 6th house influence.

First we should analyze this house from the house cycle point of view. We are starting with the 1st house which is a representation of ‘me’ followed by 2nd house – ‘my resources’ , 3rd house – -‘my enviroment’ , 4th house – ‘my emotions’ etc.  We all know that houses from 1 to 6 are reffering to personal issues of the individiual while the houses from 7 to 12 is about how the individual is using his resources in relationship with others and with the society.

The 6th house is all about ‘crisis’. It is a transitory house and it’s putting the individual in front of a dilemma…what should I do with my resources ( houses 1-5) and how should I relate with the world (7 to 12)? Therefore the individual is facing a real problem in adapting his needs to those of the society or his partners. Also he is questioning how much of his resources should be involved in outside projects?

So…you are in a critical point on the 6th house. What shall you do next? This is the reason why persons with individual planets in 6th house ( Sun,Moon,Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) are tending to be more agitated and nervous. They are in a permanent crisis …all outside influences hard to assimilate and accepted. The most obvious case is the moment when we have to do something that is required by somebody else ( at your work or at your home)  and we prefer to spend more time on complaining and making a crisis from this instead of doing that thing and just move on. For example: if you have to do a report that normally it will take 20 minutes you will spend another 30 minutes ‘preparing’ for this job…Why should I do? Ohh…it’s so annoying…What does he want for me? Why now?

The danger of this 6th house is that the individual is making from the ‘crisis’ a way of life. He/she thinks that problems are solving only by becaming more agitated and adding more presure. They have problems in relaxing and calming. And of course this attitude it will generate problems esp. at work. And all this problems are manifesting directly on our health status…this why 6th house is an indication of the diseases we might suffer from.

It is important to observe 6th house also in solar returns and lunar returns charts. A Sun or Moon there is always indication a hard time period with a lot of stress and agitations.

For people with planets in 6th house…try to relax! Mediation might help you calm down your mind.


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  1. Hi Dan:

    Nice post. I’d reiterate your behest to meditate. Once having a health crisis (was given a terminal diagnosis to die in six months) I ran into an enlightened physician, Elliot Dacher, M.D. who suggested I meditate.

    Three weeks later, I enjoyed perfect health and have realized that “getting in the flow” makes everything work better!

    So, as the sixth house with the third, ninth and 12th, traditionally ruled by Gemini (3), Virgo (6), Sag (9) and Pisces (12) are mutable signs and one of the characteristics of the sign itself is to “get into the flow,” be willing to change, be willing to look at another way to get it done and work together!

    Much Love*Light*Laughter,


  2. Well, I kind of appreciate the 6th house. With Jupiter in it, you could either feel restrained and unhappy, or you feel lifted up to a higher plane regarding all its activities. I feel the latter. Even the most boring and unpleasant ones! 🙂 (www.astrologywithmeaning.com)

  3. I really appreciate your interpretation of the 6H…I have a stellium of personal planets there in leo no less so this helps to explain things quite a bit.

    Thank you!

  4. Found this post very interesting. I have a conjunction in 6th: Sun, Merc, Mars, and Jupiter all in Capricorn, and your description explains a LOT. I have just lost a job, and couldnt understand why until now. I saw myself in what you said, constantly focusing on the negative. I am going to begin meditating again, in hopes of making a change in myself, not others. Thanks for the insight

  5. i have venus in my 6th house and I am suffering a crisis in my 3 year relationship with a guy. Can someone please analyze this. I guess it has a bad influence on me.

  6. Dan,

    As Pluto approaches my sixth house stellum sun, jupiter, merc, mars, and moon (in 7th) in capricon, i have been thinking about something I read years ago about moving so that natal planets move to a more advantageous house. ( i am actually hoping to move from new york to florida) I think that the 5th house would be a better placement for this stellum, as it might bring love to my life (so far lacking). wonder if you have any thoughts on this

  7. I’ve seen that you considered the importance of ceres also,in previous articles,so we should take into consideration an afflicted ceres on the 6th house like a “little moon” in a SR?

    intersting article.thanks.

  8. Good call. The 6th house seems to be about one’s “life technique”, which might encompass everything from lifestyle to general attitude. This house puts a lot of pressure on the individual to formulate a clear and consistent approach to the most banal aspects of life.

  9. Oh course, we should be using Whole Sign Houses, or else you don’t really know exactly what/why/how the 6th is the 6th house.

  10. Hi Dan,,
    I have my sun,moon,venus,mercury,and saturn all in leo, all in the 6th house. Any insight? Thanks in advance.

  11. Hello Dan, thank you for your interpretation of the 6th House. I have Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius 1 degrees, and Vesta in Sagittarius all in the 6th House.

    Aspects regarding the planets that reside in my 6th House are:

    Venus conjuncts Mars, Venus conjuncts Jupiter, Venus opposition Saturn, Venus conjunct Neptune, Venus sextile Pluto, Venus square North Node, Venus square Moon and Venus semisquare Sun.

    Jupiter square Moon, Jupiter conjuncts Mars, Jupiter semisquare Uranus, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune, Jupiter sextile Pluto, Jupiter square North Node, Jupiter trine Chiron and Jupiter conjunct Descendant.

    Neptune square Moon, Neptune semisextile Mercury, Neptune conjuncts Venus, Neptune conjuncts Jupiter, Neptune sextile Pluto, Neptune trine Chiron and Neptune square Midheaven.

    Vesta trine Chiron.

    All I can say, is that my life has been quite unlucky and very difficult. Maybe you can shed some insights, perhaps. My relationships with men are a crying shame.

    My placements are: Sun Capricorn, Moon Aquarius, Rising Gemini, Mercury Capricorn, Venus Scorpio, Mars Scorpio, Jupiter Scorpio, Saturn Taurus, Uranus Libra, Neptune Sagittarius, Pluto Virgo, Chiron Aries, Vesta Sagittarius, Norh Node Aquarius, Midheaven Pisces, Vertex Scorpio.

  12. Hey Dan, thanks for the article! I have my sun,mercury,venus, and pluto all in scorpio in the 6th house. I have always forced myself to procrastinate in all aspects of my life-it is bizarre but it is almost like without that stress, I can’t continue with whatever it is I am doing. Is that not natural of this alignment?Does anyone else understand? For instance, I hate clocks and don’t like deadlines so I am normally late and while in school could only write essays/construct projects up until the exact time due. I can’t put make-up on at the home, I prefer to put it on in the car(weird). Somebody told me that such a stellium could also indicate an obsession with food/exercise which i found interesting. I have most recently left my job that i consumed me for 4 years and now i am completely lathargic. It is like without a job i have lost all sense of myself.

  13. Jenny, I completely understand how you feel and I have yet to find information online that really explains these tendencies. My Sun, Mercury, and Venus are also in Scorpio, as well as my Moon and Jupiter. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorp are all in 6H.

    There are so many similarities between my life and what you describe: I hate deadlines, but I work most effectively and productively as they are approaching. I’m always late (even to important things) and I’ve been trying to train myself to put on my make-up BEFORE I leave the house for years. Additionally, I left an all-consuming 3-year job in March 2010 and I often miss it, despite currently being in a position that is easier and paying a higher salary. I don’t like that I need pressure to get results because it stresses me out, but it’s true.

    I self-initiate many wonderful projects, but 90% of the ones that I actually completed only happened because I was being held accountable by someone/thing else. I’m praised for my achievements but most of them were accomplished because I put myself in situations where higher authorities have set the guidelines and goals (e.g., I only needed enough thrust to start school and I allowed the rules/deadlines to “force” me to do the work and graduate)…and I do achieve the big milestones, but usually by the skin of my teeth…and as privately as possible.

    As far as food and exercise, I don’t think about these often, but I’ve always been a ridiculously finicky eater…ridiculously. Don’t know if that relates.

    I’m fascinated by this so maybe some knowledgeable person “out there” will read our experiences and provide some insight.

    1. Wow this describes me to a T. I have Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in the sixth house. I have a job which I should be happy to have, because it has a major potential of being fulfilling,but I only love it when it is riddled with deadlines, the rest of the time it just makes me feel horrible about myself because I am not doing at all as much as I could be doing. I also come up with lots of creative ideas for projects, but unless there is a strong pressure to see those ideas through to the end I will typically procrastinate until they just don’t happen. My manager just does the yearly evaluation, otherwise I don’t hear from her, so there’s very little external motivation and I just can’t seem to kick my own ass into gear long enough to see a project through if noone’s breathing down my neck. I have no excuse for this, I am intelligent and should be able to get things done, but I just procrastinate to no end. I also find it virtually impossible to be on time. I can’t even be on time for work. It makes me feel really bad about myself as I am capable of so much more. How do we get ourselves out of this way of being?

  14. Right n simple explanation…. i wish to add that whatever the planets mean in 6th may yes impact health…. everything seems to b slow ..financially debts may become a disaster … as 6th is for growth…and planets aspecting 12th ..everything that is earned may go and sit in either investments or a loss may accumilate….. 6th needs to b tackled well ….;))

  15. Sir, i have venus,mars and jupiter in 6 house.i have a nervous and a confused nature.many times negative feelings also come.what shall i do?

  16. Wow Dan. This is by far the most well described article on the 6th house. Many thanks, for writing this and helping me understand myself.

  17. Hi Dan,
    I like your article and I am very pleased with you.
    I am experiencing similarities in difficulties arising my way as you are, however havent received any concrete way of resolving it.
    As you said Saturn and Mars are tough ones in 6th House and I feel they tend to confuse your though process thereby making life difficult and making your existence senseless.

    Thank you again

  18. My Moon is in the 6th house, and I feel a “crisis”. It’s like there is always something wrong deep inside in addition to health problems and I am pretty young. I am also avoiding getting back to work even though it will probably bring more joy into my life.

  19. Dan

    I have mars in 6 th house with mercury and sun. so there are any chances of mine to get any goverment job and my saturn is placed in 9 th house.

  20. Hi Dan, I have to tell you that, when I read your post, I said to myself…Hallelujah! finally someone that nailed it… and is soooooo! on point with whats going on with what im experiencing with the Sun, Moon, and Uranus in my 6th house solar return for 2014/2015 period.
    My health, and career has been a disaster! I losted a good paying job, and am having female health issues stimulating from stress, and worry. I feel like im on a rollercoaster when it comes to finding another job, I am not in a good place right now. My next solar period looks really bad for me too.
    I am going to try meditation.

    Thank you.

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