Astrologers on LinkedIn …invitation to join

For sure many of you heard about LinkedIn website as a business networking tool. It’s an important place where you can establish new contacts and make you friends or business partners.

If you are an astrologer and are using LinkedIn I’m invite you to join Professional Astrologer Group.  For invitation please click here – Invitation

This group is a place where all astrologers can met and exchange contact detailes.

Also you can visite my profile on LinkedIn :

And if you want to add me as you connection please don’t heasitate.

All the best,


One comment on “Astrologers on LinkedIn …invitation to join

  1. Wonderful work Dan. I will be adding you to a special link page in my new update. Wife, Jacquie is a synastry specialist and Uranian. I am into locational astrology, mundane events, working for over 20+ years on earthquake prediction. SOS Consulting,est 1990. Jacquie introduced to astrology in New York in the 60’s, I started in 1984 on staff at Matrix till solar return in 88. Independent software rep. Acrophonology Institute – – Astrological analysis based on a name. Please stop by and visit. With Light, CMS
    aka “flute” or “flutesmith” or “survival_flute” – available on msn, windows live and yahoo. Skype shortly.
    Mon Mar 16 15:42:09 2009 UTC
    Disseminating Moon at the 4th degree of Sagittarius
    *Degree 244: Sabian Symbol – “A little child learning to walk
    with the encouragement of his parents.” The natural assistance
    of superior powers during crises of growth.

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