Aspect Hunter – new free online astrology tool

Searching for planetary aspects in astrology it is very often a difiicult and challanging task. Now you can improve your astrological activity using Aspects Hunter , a free online astrology tool part of Configuration Hunter software.

This tool can answer to questions like:

  • When all the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occurs?
  • How often the Jupiter-Neptune opposition happends?
  • When Mars will be square with Pluto?
  • How can I┬ásee when Saturn and Uranus were at 35 degrees distance?
  • Can I find the dates when Sun and Mars were at 60 degrees apart plus Jupiter trine Uranus?


  • Daily positions from 1st of January 1900 to 22nd of November 2036 (in time the time frame will be larger)
  • Search for aspects within 15 planets and elements: Sun to Pluto , North Node, Lilith , Chiron, Juno ,Ceres, Vesta and Pallas.
  • Build aspects you want by setting up the exact distance between planets – or distance intervals
  • Choose the planet position in sign: ex. search only for Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces.
  • Multiple search criteria : add as many aspects you want!
  • Select results display type: Sign degree (ex. 13 Capricorn) or Degrees from 0 Aries ( 283 degree)
  • Specify the exact time interval (optional)
  • Summary and detailed view of the results
  • Each daily position is computed at 12:00pm GMT time (pay attention when you use Moon in your search)
  • Search results are limited to 150 daily positions due to server performance

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