An astrological perspective on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant


About tragedy that occured on March 2011 on Japan – earthquake and tsunami – I think that everyone heard by now. Many fellow astrologers wrote in detail about the connections between astrology and these events. My intention is to take a close look on how this events were reflected on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant natal chart.

Thanks to Wikipedia I’ve found the dates when the Nuclear Power plant was build and reactors launched.  From all the available dates the most important in my opinion is 26th of March 1971 – it’s the commercial operations starting date for Fukushima I – 1. In my opinion this is the starting date for the whole Nuclear Power Plant and we can cast a chart and interpret it.

Below you can see the chart casted for 26th of March 1971 12:00pm , Fukushima, Japan
Fukushima natal chart

The first thing when you think on launching a Nuclear Power Plant is safety. Therefore the chart should include all the possible safety elements. But looking on this chart we notice that many things were against safety and stability. Here are some important aspects that I’ve noticed:

  • T-Square : Sun-Mars-Uranus with Sun in Aries and Mars in Capricorn. Also these are the only aspects for Mars. From the start we can say that this configuration generates a lot of risk for anything that was started on that moment. Mars is also dispositor of Sun – this amplify the dangerous effects. Also Uranus add unpredictability and sudden changes. Mars is also conjunct with Facies fixed star: ‘Blindness, violent death, sickness, accidents; leadership, war, coldness, detachment, perfectionism; earthquakes; pure combative energies; risk-taking, glamour; seeks fulfilment through charitable works’. Not a very good combination!
  • Trine Jupiter-Neptune to Sun from Sagittarius to Aries. This is a combination that adds a lot of energy and pressure to Sun. You may view it as a positive aspect but it depends on what happening. Jupiter is amplifing everything that is its way. And in our case amplified the problems regarding overheating the reactors. Neptune can add an increased risk of malfunction or wrong assumptions. Jupiter-Neptune in Sag is a clear indication of hot water and vapours.
  • Square Saturn- NN/Venus. I see this aspect as a lack of solidity of the building and reactors. Saturn in Taurus is squaring Nodes and also Venus , its dispositor. Also for 12:00 o’clock the Venus is in 8th house and Saturn in 11th – accident configuration. Venus is also the 4th house ruler – the infrastructure.
  • Moon oppose Pluto : another dangerous combination , esp. for a nuclear plant who is using a lot of water to cool down the reactors.
  • Lack of sextiles and trines that will provide with positive energy.

For me the starting chart for this nuclear plant is not a very good one and shows a lot of risks and a huge amount of energy that can be easily out of control.

Now let’s move on the Earthquake moment and see how transits and progressions are impacting the Fukushima plant chart. Below you can see the transits chart:


I’ve outlined the followings:

  • Pluto transiting natal Mars -> probably when you looked on the natal chart you immediately spotted the Mars position and how it is transited by Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is actully triggering the Sun-Mars-Uranus T-Square. I don’t think that this combination need a lot of explanations. It got danger and explosions all over it!
  • Saturn retro transiting natal Uranus and opposing natal Mercury. Saturn also acted as a T-sqaure trigger and brought up the unpredictibility of Uranus.
  • Uranus at 29 Pisces – on exact Sun-Moon midpoint of the chart and oppose to natal Pluto.  Uranus acted as a bridge between Sun in Aries (fire) and Moon in Pisces (water) and generated lack of control over the situation and all the processes. Pluto adds the radioactivity issues and explosions. Also NN/SN axis was squaring all this aspects.
  • Jupiter in Aries transiting natal Sun -> just amplifies all the processes within the reactors making really hard to be coolled down.

As we can see there were a lot of hard transits on Fukushima plant chart for 11th of March. I think that if anyone looking on this chart before the event could easily outline the high risk that something will go wrong. Perhaps not the exact moment but Pluto over natal Mars period is one of great danger.

Now let’s take a look on the secondary progressions chart:

Secondary progressions

I’ve outlined the followings:

  • Mars progressed into Aquarius ->Mars changed sign and moved from controlled Capricorn to unexpected Aquarius. In secondary progressions when a planet change the sign it’s an important moment. Aquarius released all the T-square high energy into the air.
  • progressed midpoint of Mars-Saturn close to natal Moon. Even that this aspects can be active for several year I’ve added as an additional info for the dangerous time. Also we don’t have the exact time when the plant inauguration. It can be after 12:00 ‘clock and this way Moon can be on exact Mars-Saturn progressed MP.

Last analysis to look upon is on directions. I’ve used the 1 degree = 4 years ratio used by Charles E.O. Carter for determing important events related to death and accidents. Below you can see the grid between natal chart and directed chart. I’ve point out only aspect under 1 degree orb. This ratio is quite slow and we are interested only to aspect which are quite close to partile aspect.

Custom directions

Here we have some interesting aspects:

  • Uranus is close to exact opposition to natal Mercury – only 4 minutes apart!
  • Pluto is perfect square with natal Mars – only 1 minute apart!
  • Nodes perfect square with Neptune – only 2 minutes apart!
  • Moon close to a trine with Sun – 16 minutes distance

This direction technique is proving again very powerfull. We have 3 hard aspects from Uranus, Pluto and Nodes hitting Mercury,Mars and Neptune in natal chart. For me this is a clear indication of an important event. And looking on the nature of aspects we can easily conclude that is not a very positive event – as it turned out.


Looking on all above charts I think you can easily spot the high risk of the Fukushima nuclear plant for the March 2011 period of time.  On this short analysis I wanted just to pinpoint the risk factors on the Fukushima chart and not to get on detailes regarding what exactly happend. I think that if we will have all the nuclear plants starting date (commercial dates) we can easily make prognosis regarding the risks of catastrophic events.  But it’s a matter of time and resources from an astrologer point of view to analyze all the data’s all the time.

If you have any comments please feel free to post it below.


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6 comments on “An astrological perspective on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant”:

  1. Yikes! I was born 5 days after this chart so my t square is actually even tighter than the one on this chart. I’m a little afraid!

  2. You dont have to be worried. Imagine that there are many people born on this time interval. It depends on your hour of birth and whole birthchart.

  3. I used the same chart many months ago. What I could add is that I have often found Hades, a Uranian point, involved in accidents and deaths. At the time of the accident Hades was at 28GE47 squaring Uranus. I look at Hades as Pluto’s mean big brother. It is usually involved in things most vile.

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