A powerfull T-Square configuration in history: Saturn-Pluto-Mars

This article is about a powerfull and quite unique astrological configuration: T-Square based on Mars-Pluto opposition and Saturn squaring to both.

Do you know how often this configuration occured/will occurr in 1900-2036 time interval?

Answer: once.
When: 18-21 July 1939

T-Square 1939 chart

1939 – was an important year for humanity and there were some events that marked our modern war. It’s the beginning of the WW2. Using Wikipedia as a reference we found the following event occured in summer of July:

July 4 – The Neuengamme concentration camp becomes autonomous.
July 6 – The last remaining Jewish enterprises in Germany are closed by the Nazis.
August 2 – Albert Einstein writes to President Franklin Roosevelt about developing the atomic bomb using uranium. This leads to the creation of the Manhattan Project.
August 19 – Hitler, after evaluating the pace of the non-aggression negotiations with the Soviet Union, orders the Kriegsmarine to begin the opening operations for Fall Weiss, the invasion of Poland.
August 23 – Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: Hitler and Stalin agree to divide Europe between themselves (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, eastern Poland and Basarabia (today Moldavia), north-east province of Romania to the USSR; Lithuania and western Poland to Germany).
September 1 – World War II: At 04.45 Central European Time, the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein opens bombardment on the Westerplatte, a Polish military base outside Danzig, firing what are, according to many sources, the first shots of World War II. At the same time, regular Wehrmacht troops begin crossing the border into Poland.

Now let’s take a look on the configuration itself. T-Square is a configuration formed by an opposition and a third planet in square aspect with both planets involved in opposition. More information about T-Square aspect can be found here.

In our case we have the Mars-Pluto opposition and Saturn making squared to both of them. The fact that this configuration on perfect aspects (0 degree orb) is quite rare is an indication of the power forces that are engaged on that time. Mars,Pluto, Saturn are all strong planets with distructive effects. Putting all together and you have World War 2 and 50 years of communism regime.

This T-Square was active during all 1929 summer period due to the Mars retrograde period. Actually the perfect configuration was with Mars retrograde. On top of this Mars,Saturn and Pluto were positioned at 0 degrees!!! Mars in Aquarius, Saturn in Taurus and Pluto in Leo.

Searching for this configuration was possible using Configuration Hunter online tool.
See below how the search was performed


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  1. Very very interesting. I think one of the most interesting parts about astrology is the planetary configurations during marked periods in history. Such as when Microsoft was founded.. Uranus was transiting Scorpio.. ( It was at 1 degree Scorpio ) and conjunct Bill Gates’ Sun-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio ( 5 deg Scorpio & 28 Deg Libra respectively. ) He also has Sun sq Uranus, and Uranus conjunct his Cancer Ascendant natally.

    Not surprisingly, Jupiter & the Sun were crossing over his Aries midheaven & moon 🙂

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