2008 USA Elections – Candidates analysis : President Profile Match

After we have analyzed the USA Presidents profiles  and we have obtained a list of relevant aspects now let’s take a look on the candidates profiles for 2008 Elections. So the purpose of this analysis is to get the list of candidates astrological aspects and compare them with the ‘President Profile’ from the previous post.

The list of analyzed candidates is formed by: Hillary Clinton (26th October 1947), John McCain (29th August 1936) , John Edwards (10th June 1953), Al Gore (31st March 1948), Rudy Giuliani (28th May 1944), Barack Obama (4th August 1961), Mitt Romney (12nd March 1947), Bill Richardson (15th November 1947) and Sam Brownback (12nd September 1956).

For this candidates I’ve took in consideration the following aspects and orbs : conjunction ( 8 degrees), sextile ( 4 degrees), square (8 degrees), trine ( 8 degrees) and opposition (8 degrees). The planets used in this analysis are: Sun, Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and Juno. The Moon is not included because of the missing birth hour of the candidates. For this analysis I’ve used Configuration Hunter software and Microsoft Excel.
The complete list of aspects can be viewed here on Google Docs (pay attention that there are 2 sheets of results).

You can use all this information for making more in deep analysis. I’ve stopped for this post only to one basic analysis. In the previous post , USA Presidents profiles,  we’ve obtained the list of aspects occuring and the percentage of this occurance. In the top of the list there is the Chiron – Juno aspect with an 52% from total charts. My ideea was to tranform this percentages in points so each aspect from this ‘Presidential Profile’ will have his score. Next , I’ve compared the list of candidates with this ‘Presidential Profile’ and extracted this points (the Score column from the results page).

Summing all the scores obtained for each candidate’s aspect we should obtain an overall score of that candidate. This Score should indicated how his astrological profile is matching with Presidential Profile. A higher score means that the candidate astrological chart is much more closer to the Presidential Profile obtained from the aspects analysis of all 42 US Presidents charts.

An the top is like this:

  1. Mitt Romney 605 points
  2. Hillary Clinton 588 points
  3. John McCain 536 points
  4. Al Gore 514 points
  5. Sam Brownback 507 points
  6. Rudy Giuliani 493 points
  7. Bill Richardson 481 points
  8. Barack Obama 460 points
  9. John Edwards 450 points

Note: This top is not an indication of who will win the election!  It will show us the compatibilty between candidates and all previous presidents. Maybe the next president shoud fit in this ‘Presidential Profile’ or maybe it should change it. This information cannot be gathered from this analysis.

The interesting fact is that the actual president, George W Bush had a score of 790 points compared with 495 points obtained by Al Gore – I’ve used the Presidential Profile obtained without the George W Bush aspects.  Of course if we add G.W Bush profile he will have a higher score – 845 points.

My opinion that this analysis it will be more usefull in the final part of elections when will know the rival candidates.

If in my analysis I’ve missed some candidates or used wrong data’s please let me know and I will update it.


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14 comments on “2008 USA Elections – Candidates analysis : President Profile Match”:

  1. Hi Dan

    Great idea for analysis!

    But you’ve missed out Dennis Kucinich (he’s forgotten all the time). After Al Gore, he’s my favourite, so I’d be interested to see how he’d shape up in your list.

  2. Thank you Michael for your kind words!
    It seems that I’m using my Sun-Uranus sextile and MC in Aquarius in a proper manner 🙂

  3. That’s all very nice, and it’s interesting to profile candidates, but it’s a lot of acrobatics for nothing.

    You can cut to the chase and cast a chart at 12:00 PM on the day AFTER the election and know the winner.

    If you want confirmation, then just cast a chart for 12:15 PM on January 20 in the year following.

  4. I’m trying to find a birth time for Mr. Huckabee.
    Not very likely that he’ll ‘cooperate’ in that… seen’ as how he’z a Ordained Baptist Minister n all. But does anybody have a clue?

    I found this page during a search for 411 on the following candidates:

    Mike Huckabee _________? Hope Arkansas Aug 24, 1955
    Rudi Giuliani @ 2:30 PM -May 28, 1944 in Brooklyn NY
    John McCain “about nine o’clock” (his Mom said) 8/29/36 in Panama

    …..& Hillary [for whom there is MUCH information available, as she’s already been “analyzed” extensively] @8PM in Chicago, …this Friday is her 60th “birthday”.

    Would like more on Ron Paul, as he compares to the 4 named above.

    I really do not believe that the Republicans will Nominate Romney or Thompson; and it is my considered opinion that Fred wants to be Attorney General & Mitt will take whatever Cabinet position is offered by a Republican President, (as if THAT were a realistic expectation!). Huckabee is the most-likely to be chosen for VP running-mate by either Rudi G. or Johnny (get yer gun) McCain… I think.

    I am an “amateur” Astrologer. Appreciate all the help I can get!
    Of the 3 “top tier” Republican Candidates mentioned above — which one compares most favorably to Hillary Clinton… NOW & 13 months from now?

    please comment as much as time permits, and send to my e-mail

  5. R U familiar w/ Dane Rudhyar’s Interpretation of the USA Natal Chart w/ Sagittarius Rising? Most Astrologers believe the “birth” time to be Scorpio Asc., and there are some who go w/ Gemini Rising, but I am in agreement with Rudhyar’s interpretation. It just makes more sense. He did a masterful job of making his case. The book is available on line for free. As it applies to the “destiny” of this Nation, I believe it is vitally important to compare the USA Natal Chart to that of the Presidential Candidates (especially Clinton) and then try to determine which one would be “best”.

    RE: Capricorn. Takes one to know one!

    Tennessee, USA

  6. What a rediculous criteria to decided if someone is right for the presidency. As though all past presidents had the right credentials to even be president. The chart comparison you should be using is the natal chart of the the birth of this nation. Our founding fathers astrologically picked the time of the birth of this nation. Compare the candidates with the energy that this country was founded under and then see who matches up.

  7. Barak Obama isn’t compatible with previous presidential candidates? I knew there was a reason I liked him! After the Latino giant superdelegate Gov. Richardson endorsed Obama today, he is bringing thousands of Latino voters with him for Barak, she’s pretty much done! SFBO! (Students for Barak Obama!)

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