1st Vaccine administrated by Edward Jenner

1st Vaccine administrated by Edward Jenner -14th May 1796 – time unknownhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Jenner


This chart can be used to asses if vaccination is a good alternative or not. This doesn’t say if all vaccines are good or not. It’s just an indication about the medical approach.

First thing notices is the configuration formed by Jupiter in Pisces opposing Chiron and Vesta in Virgo and both in good aspect with Venus in Cancer. The opposition on the medical axis – Virgo/Pisces – show us that there is a clear problem that can be solved at this moment. Chiron, Vesta and Jupiter are both related to healing.

For me, Venus sextile Chiron/Vesta and trine Jupiter, it’s a clear indication that this 1st vaccine might be a good solution to solve our health problem. Vaccines are not brand new invention of medicine. They are well known in older times. But never used on this way.

What I think that is very interesting is that Uranus is conjunct with asteroid Aesculapia, the god of medicine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asclepius . Uranus is bringing a new approach in curing a disease. Also, Edward Jenner was seen as too modern , too advanced by his fellow colleagues.

The only thing that ruin this good aspect is the square between Mercury/Ceres and Uranus. It might be also an indication that might be some risks associated with this method. From astrological perspective we can say that this aspect show that sometimes there can be unexpected results or effects. But you cannot directly relate to autism or something similar. It’s just a caution about handling and creating vaccines.

From my point, as astrologer, I can say that the vaccination method is a good and viable medical approach. And in order to avoid the side effects these vaccines should be tested very well. If this is happening right now I cannot say. All I can say is the vaccination as process is good for us. What pharma industry is doing another subject.

My suggestion is to not refuse the idea of vaccination but to fight for having good and tested vaccines.

Here – http://www.bartleby.com/38/4/1.html – you can read the original publications of Edward Jenner.


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