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My name is Dan Ciubotaru and this is my personal blog site. I’m an astrologer from Bucharest, Romania and I’ve been studying astrology for about 15 years.

From the astrological point of view I’m a Capricorn with Gemeni rising and Jupiter in the 1st house. And Gemeni rising was not enough for me I also have Mars in the 3rd house and MC in Aquarius. In conclusion : I’m a person with plenty of ideas and very creative ( Moon in the 5th house) and I cannot help myself from implementing them. That’a why I’m always working on a lot of projects and a lot of things.

So, there is no wonder that until now I have created several websites, mostly related to astrology:

www.astroforum.ro – Astrology forum in Romanian. A wonderful place where we can enjoy having interesting astrological discussions. It also has a directory and a chat room.

www.configurationhunter.com – The support website for Configuration Hunter – a free astrology software developed by me. The purpose of this application is to help you search various astrological configurations and aspects that might appear in a chart. I’m currently working on the next version which will come with a lot of new features!

www.astrologydatabase.com – here you can find a lot of astrological resources: almost 1000 articles grouped on specific categories, list of astrology softwares , astrology forums, blog and other websites. You can add your link and make your own contribution to it’s developement.
And the latest one is www.ciuboda.com – my personal blog. Actually it’s my former blog http://ciuboda.blogspot.com now re-build and re-shaped.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here!

Kind regards,


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3 Responses to About me

  1. […] Thanks to the work of Dan Ciubotaru at Ascella Astrology Consulting Services we have a study that we can use to measure how the presidential hopefuls stack up to past presidents. As in any astrological study the results are not what you expect. Fifty two percent of past presidents have a Chiron/Juno connection either by conjunction (sitting with each other), opposition (tension aspect), sextile (opportunity), square (challenge), or trine (harmonious connection.) Dan Clubotaru says of this combination: Chiron is an asteroid which indicates the guide and the bridge between old structures (Saturn) and new ones (Uranus). Juno is about relationships and partnerships. This combination, Chiron – Juno, show us a person which has strong abilities to use ability to make partenerships for promoting an ideea or to make a change. It also show us that a person with this aspect is also helped by others to become a leader and to open new doors and perspectives. All presidents that made history are having an aspect between Juno and Chiron: starting with George Washington , continuing with Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and not finally George W Bush. […]

  2. Jana says:

    Dan, I think your website is fabulous!

  3. Daria M says:

    Beautifully said! I respect your work & look forward to your brilliant astrological insights.

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